Maryland State Online Co-Parenting Class

NOTICE As of July 1, 2023 the Maryland Judiciary in cooperation with its 24 Maryland Circuit Courts have instituted a single location to offer the Parent Education class requirement.

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Foundational co-parenting class focusing on families in transition. Parents learn skills to avoid common mistakes in an effort to work together with their co-parent for the sake of the children.

Target: Divorcing, separating, never married parents or for parents seeking a modification.

Comprehensive Course Outline

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Skills-based co-parenting class for potentially high-conflict families. These life skills teach parents how to manage emotions in order to protect their children during transition and moving forward.

Target: Divorcing, separating or never married parents in conflict or contested cases.

Comprehensive Course Outline

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The primary goal is to minimize the risk of child maltreatment while optimizing child developmental outcomes.

Comprehensive Course Outline

Family ServicesPart 5: Parenting Education

High-Conflict / Anger Management
High-Conflict Behavioral Skills

12 Hour High-Conflict Behavioral Skills

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24 Hour High-Conflict Behavioral Skills

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Designed to help individuals recognize, understand, and effectively manage their anger. Provide participants with tools and strategies to regulate their emotions, communicate more effectively, and resolve conflicts in healthier ways.

12 Hour High-Conflict Behavioral Skills - Comprehensive Course Outline

24 Hour High-Conflict Behavioral Skills - Comprehensive Course Outline

Co-Parenting Help In Maryland Family Court

There are 24 counties including Baltimore City within the state of Maryland. Online Co-Parenting class is a recognized online education option in these within the state of Marland.

Prior to granting a decree of divorce, the court may require all parties to participate in an educational seminar that is designed to educate parents about the effects, and to minimize the disruption, of a divorce on the lives of children.

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Maryland state-mandated parenting classes concentrate on skills for parents as they learn to co-parent their children in an effort to keep their children out of the center of their conflict.

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In Maryland, parenting plans are used to determine the custody of minor children, including when and where each parent will be with and responsible for each child. It addresses who is responsible for decision-making and provides for the financial care of the child, Iowa courts reference the term parenting time to reflect the emphasis on the children.

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